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The Association of Global Custodians (the “AGC”) makes this website (the “Site”) and the materials and information that may be accessed on the Site available solely for the purpose of providing visitors to the Site with information about the AGC’s position on global securities processing issues and initiatives relevant to the AGC and its members. All the materials and information on the Site produced by the AGC are copyrighted by the AGC. These materials and this information may be stored, printed or copied for personal use only. Visitors may cite, link or refer to these materials and this information provided that proper attribution is made to The Association of Global Custodians as the source and http://www.theagc.com as the URL. These materials and this information may not be “mirrored” or “framed” by any other website without the express permission of the AGC.


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The AGC does not intentionally collect any personally identifiable information about visitors to the Site unless visitors specifically and knowingly provide such information to the AGC, in which case the AGC may use such information for the purposes for which such information was provided. The AGC may collect general information about visitors to the Site, such as a visitor’s IP address, the time of the visit and the areas of the Site visited. The AGC may aggregate this information and analyze it to improve the Site. The AGC may also share this information with other organizations, including its members. The AGC may revise its policy with respect to visitor information from time to time.

Additional Information

If you have any questions or comments with respect to the Site or the materials or information made available on the Site, please contact the AGC at info@theagc.com.

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